​​Tiny Tigers (3 & 4 years old)

Our 3 & 4  year old tigers learn balance, coordination, agility and focus, along with social skills needed to not just do well in a classroom environment but to thrive beyond our expectations. 
Our Blitz martial arts pre-karate program is a fun and exciting class that any child can participate in

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Lil Lions (5 - 7 years old)

    Our 5-7 year old Lil Lions class is high energy and very informative. We teach our children conflict resolution techniques, and how to be a leader amongst his or her peers.  Our Lil lions program is an awesomely fun and exciting class that sets your child on the path to becoming a martial artist.   

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Blitz Fit 4 Kids - Karate

(8 - 11 years old) 

At Blitz our children develop a "can do attitude" through martial arts techniques specifically designed to build their confidence and show their maximum potential.
Our Blitz Fit 4 Kids martial arts program is a safe and fun place for your child to learn
movement, gain flexibility, and build strength and endurance .  Our Karate program is a high energy, action packed class that is informative and enjoyable at the same time.

Blitz Fit 4 Kids - Grappling 

As our children start to develop great stand-up skills, we take them to the next level by incorporating skills on the ground as well. Our Blitz Fit 4 Kids grappling class teaches the locks  in Jiu Jitsu, the throws of a Judoka, and the takedowns of a wrestler. With this added class, they will learn how to  gain a new perspective on martial arts. Gaining perspective will help them adapt to anything in their everyday life. 

Blitz Fit 4Teens

(12 - 16 years old)

Here at Blitz we have developed a unique style of martial arts that incorporates sport karate, boxing and grappling. Our Blitz teenage program is a exciting and safe way for him/her to learn these skills. It is an environment full of positive energy where he/she will get an experience full of adventure, fun, and friendship that is sure to build memories for a lifetime.

Adult Kickboxing/MMA

Learn it the Blitz way

Here at Blitz we are dedicated to the development of our athletes. Blitz has developed a unique style of kickboxing that incorporates the movements of sport karate, the hand combinations of boxing, the elbows and knees of the Thai fighter, the grappling of a wrestler, and the locks of a Jiu Jitsu practitioner.
Our Adult kickboxing / MMA program is the perfect way to lose weight, build muscle, gain flexibility, and master self-defense. Our class is a safe and fun environment where everyone is welcome and treated with respect. 

Adult Karate

Focusing on the traditions of Shotokan, our adult karate program incorporates blocks, punches, and kicks as tools to strengthen one's body and help develop a tranquil mind. From a sport perspective, our karate program also develops athletes by teaching an elite level of point-sparring, weapons and forms which are used in world-class competitions.

Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BJJ is a martial  art that teaches a smaller person how to defend himself against a larger adversary by using leverage and proper technique. At Blitz, we teach you how to gain  superior positioning so that you can apply chokes, locks, holds, and joint manipulation techniques on an opponent or attacker. BJJ is also an excellent way to work on flexibility, endurance and learning one's own body.


Blitz your way to a new you

A  cardio kickboxing and workout class that's fun, energetic and stress free. Join us for guaranteed weight loss and muscle toning as we blitz our way to music's top hits! 

Mat Pilates

If you are not into a cardio-intensive workout plan, Pilates may be the answer for you. Pilates' main goal is to build core strength. Other benefits of Pilates include: increased flexibility, increased body toning, body alignment, and improved posture. 

 To sign-up/reserve your spot for your 2-class trial ($20) or other class options:
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Personal Training 

Prefer to workout alone? Have certain training restrictions due to injury? No problem, we create a workout that's right for you. Please call to inquire .