Pre-Karate - Tiny Tigers (3 & 4 yr olds)
This class teaches balance, coordination, agility and focus, along with social skills needed to not just do well in a classroom environment but to thrive beyond our expectations. 
Our Blitz martial arts tiny tigers program is a fun and exciting class that any child can participate in. 
Pre-Karate - Lil' Lions (5-7 yr olds)
Our 5-7 year old Lil' Lions class is high energy and very informative. We teach our children conflict resolution techniques, and how to be a leader amongst his or her peers.  Our Lil lions program is an awesomely fun and exciting class that sets your child on the path to becoming an excellent martial artist.   
Blitz Fit 4 Kids - Karate Jr. Basics (8-12 yr olds)
At Blitz, our children develop a "can do attitude" through martial arts techniques specifically designed to build their confidence and show their maximum potential.
Our Blitz Fit 4 Kids martial arts program is a safe and fun place for your child to learn
movement, gain flexibility, and build strength. Our karate program is a high energy, action-packed class that is informative and enjoyable at the same time.
Blitz Fit 4 Kids - Grappling (8-12 yr olds)
As our children start to develop great stand-up skills, we take them to the next level by incorporating skills on the ground as well. Our Blitz Fit 4 Kids grappling class teaches the locks  in Jiu Jitsu, the throws of a Judoka, and the takedowns of a wrestler. With this added class, they will learn how to  gain a new perspective on martial arts. Gaining perspective will help them adapt to anything in their everyday life. 
Blitz Teens (12-16 yr olds) 
Here at Blitz we've developed a unique style of martial arts that incorporates sport karate, boxing and grappling. Our Blitz teenage program is an exciting and safe way for him/her to learn these skills. It is an environment full of positive energy where he/she will get an experience full of adventure, fun, and friendship that is sure to build memories for a lifetime.